BP Drain And Plumbing strongly encourages all homeowners who have lead water service to replace their private portion and therefore reduce the serious health risk directly associated with using water that contains high levels of lead. Lead was used for many years in plumbing – even the word “plumb” means “lead” in Latin. Now, copper or plastic pipes are used for water lines. Unlike some plumbing contractors in Toronto, BP Drain And Plumbing uses only copper pipes for replacing of all underground waterlines and pipes. Copper should be used in every home because the ground wire from the electrical panel is connected to the water line, so for proper grounding, this pipe should be of the metal/copper variety. Besides the obvious serious health risks, lead and galvanized pipes at your home’s point of entry are very vulnerable to leaks as a result of their old age; there have been many cases when the waterline starts to leak, neither the old rusty main valve nor the outside curb stop valve work – This causes huge flood damage to your home and property.